MINEX ForumTM is a specialist events and information exchange platform dedicated to promoting Mining Technological Innovation, Regulation and Investment opportunities across Eurasian continent. MINEX Mining and Exploration Forum was established in 2005. Since then MINEX Forum TM has organised 40 mining events in Russia, Central Asia, UK, Europe and China.


MINEX Europe (the forum is held every year in one of the European countries)

MINEX ForumTM online events platform enables professional communications and knowledge sharing between mining and supply chain companies, governments, financiers and investors active in the Mining Industries in the region.

MINEX Forum online events offer a digital platform for organising events for up to 1,000 participants in the following formats:


  • Online conferences with up to 50 speakers and up to 1,000 participants
  • Panel discussions with up to 10 panellists
  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Product and service demonstrations
  • Project presentations
  • Lectures
  • Video demonstrations
  • Competitions

What are the key advantages?


  • Save on travel, accommodation and time
  • Avoid event cancellation and postponement risks
  • Build seamless communications with the markets
  • Efficiently develop your customer base
  • Reach out to larger audiences
  • Present in your language and get simultaneously translated into your audience language
  • Run multiple or repeat events at a fraction of the cost
  • Create and share your knowledge base with your customers and partners.

In addition to mining conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions and road shows, MINEX forum regularly organises mining competitions promoting best management practices, investment projects and innovations.

Russian Mining Excellence

This competition has been successfully organised in Moscow since 2007. Governed by independent professional body the Competition awards best projects and practices in Prospecting & Exploration, Mine Development, Mining Infrastructure, Mining Investment, Social and Environment Responsibility, Training & Education.

MineDigital Competition (Russia)

MineDigital – the first in Russia competition Industry 4.0 technology for the geological and mining industries. The competition provides platform for the presentation of the innovations in the field of digitisation, automation and robotisation in the mining industry. The competition is open to the field-tested technologies which are ready for commercial implementation or technologies which require further tests or development.

MineDigital (Kazakhstan)

MineDigital competition of mining digitalisation technologies, equipment and projects is organised as part of the Mining Goes Digital Conference (Kazakhstan). The objective of the competition is a practical assessment of innovative solutions and technologies for the digital transformation of mining enterprises in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The Competition helps IT and Technology companies, start-ups and IT divisions of Mining and Metallurgical enterprises to promote the ideas and working prototypes of digital and robotisation technologies.


Finding the best possible technological solution for a mine planning, construction, modernisation or closure is a complex task and often involves creative approach and analysis of alternative offers. Striving to achieve greater efficiency in knowledge exchange and engagement between the local mining companies and international vendors the MINEX Forum is organising MineTech competition of mining challenges and solutions.

The competition is designed around a win-win formula: the mining companies will get a wide spectrum of turnkey solutions from local and international providers. The vendors will have a chance to demonstrate the application of their products and technologies for resolving specific cases.

MineInvest (Russia)

Every start-up project, be it the development of a new deposit or implementation of innovative idea entails high risks. According to the statistics, a very small number of start-up projects succeeds at building a successful business model and becoming a profitable enterprise. The two most common causes of failure are obvious: lack of buyers or funds. Most start-ups have limited access to experts, financiers or investors. Many have little or no skills in preparing marketing presentation.

The objective of the competition is to provide a platform for independent evaluation of early stage and developing mining projects and to discuss opportunities for their accelerated implementation with the assistance from investors and financial backers.

MineInvest (Kazakhstan)

Kazakhstan is one of the world’s most promising emerging markets for natural resources and is one of the 10 leading countries in the world for mineral reserves.

The objective of the competition is to provide a platform for independent evaluation of early stage and developing mining projects and to discuss opportunities for their accelerated implementation with the assistance from investors and financial backers.

The competition is organised for subsoil users, prospecting companies and individual entrepreneurs developing mining projects in Kazakhstan and other Central Asia countries.

Participation in the competition is an opportunity to receive the recommendations from leading experts, attract potential partners or investors, promote the projects to the forum’s worldwide international audience.


The competition of social and environmental projects in the mining industry is held as part of the MINEX Kazakhstan and MINEX Russia Mining and Exploration forums.

The competition objectives:

Opportunity to present projects implemented by mining enterprises to reduce the environmental footprint, support the socio-economic development of the regions and improve sustainable management of natural resources based on national and international standards and practices.

Benchmark the effectiveness of the use of technologies and management methods for solving socio-environmental problems in mining sector.

Provide a platform for the exchange of national and international practices and technologies to enhance sustainable development of mining enterprises.

MineMovie Festival

The first documentary films festival about the mining and geological industry of Russia – MineMovie.

Festival of short documentary films about the mining industry, people and innovative technologies.

The competition is held on the platform of the MINEX Russia forum jointly with the First Geological Internet Channel.

Mines & Miners Photo Competition

The competition provides amateur photographers with the platform for presenting a vivid image and diversity of mines and miners of Russia.

MINEXForum.com – mining information exchange and news platform of MINEX ForumTM. It provides up-to date information on major developments in the mining sectors in Russia, Central Asia and Europe.

Over the years a stable and constantly growing audience has formed around the MINEX forums. The MININEXForum.com readers are interested in discussing a wide range of industry issues related to the development of the mining industry in the countries of the Eurasian continent.

MINEX forum regularly addresses topics of subsoil use state regulation, major mine development news, technological innovation, social and environmental aspects and much more.

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Since its inception in 2005, MINEX Forum has amassed an impressive collection of presentations and reports, scientific and analytical papers, which can be used to trace the modern history of the mining industry in Eurasia.

The MINEX TV Internet channel on YouTube has the largest video library containing recordings of presentations at the previous MINEX forums and other industry events related to Mining in Eurasia, as well as interviews with business leaders, prominent figures, investors and leading experts.